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ethbox x Reef.

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing an collaboration with the brilliant team over at Reef Finance. Reef Finance is a well-known up and coming DeFi chain with a host of connections to multiple projects and exchanges. They started off as a DeFi platform that enabled trading with access to liquidity from both CEXs and DEXs among other decentralized finance options and have quickly progressed to building their own chain based on Polkadot’s Substrate, that is fast, scalable and most importantly cheap to use!

Our collaboration with Reef hosts a range of potential benefits:

Telegram Transcript

On July 7th 2021, 5pm UTC, the three founders of ethbox sat together with their community manager Thom, and held the very first ethbox Community AMA.

Lukas Schiefer, Lukas Pratschner and Paul Simode took all the time and diligence to answer a selection of 15 questions that were submitted by their enthusiastic community.

To keep this curiosity & desire for more ethbox saturated, regular monthly Community AMAs are now a fixed part of what goes on in the ethbox Community Channel at @ethbox_official.

Without further ado:


Welcome to our first official AMA on our community channel everyone! 🌞

To participate…

PancakeSwap Liquidity / Liquidity Provider Bonus

This week, we are officially launching our governance system, starting off with two votings being held from Thursday, 29th of April at 11:59PM UTC, until Sunday, 2nd of May at 11:59PM UTC.

We at ethbox highly value our community’s opinion and input, which is why we need your voice to let us know what you think is best regarding the following two topics:

PancakeSwap Liquidity

Given the momentary state of the Ethereum network’s exaggeratedly high transaction fees, using Uniswap in comparison to non-Ethereum alternatives such as PancakeSwap becomes rather unattractive.

We want to kickstart the possibility of trading our EBOX token on…

ethbox starts community votings on project-related decisions

Even before our very beginning, it was clear for us at ethbox that the community had a very special place in our hearts and in the way we engineer our project. From the community, for the community.

Keeping an attitude that’s generally open for suggestions and discussion is one thing, but there is nothing more directly democratic than getting our community involved through open, public voting on certain matters that set the course and direction of our project’s development.

Once more, ethbox wouldn’t be ethbox if we weren’t bringing a certain unique twist to the whole thing: We elaborated a…

ethbox reveals simple & user-friendly staking model

Oftentimes, when taking part in a crypto project’s staking program, one is required to lock a serious bit of tokens up in this or that smart contract. We at ethbox want to give our community the best possible service & experience, so we thought that through — And came up with a model for staking rewards that’s both safe and easy to use.

When locking tokens inside a smart contract for any sort of bonus program, the worst case that can happen is getting both your tokens and your reward taken from you. Without that, the absolute worst case is…

What is ethbox about?

Ethbox is an escrow service specializing in security, privacy, and effectiveness for the OTC cryptocurrency market. It serves as a trustable, transparent and always-valid intermediary between two parties willing to send cryptocurrency one way or both ways. Instead of sending funds directly to each other, funds are relayed through the ethbox smart contract.

Who can I contact to propose an AMA session and collaboration?

Is $EBOX an Erc20 token?


Will ethbox services only work on Ethereum chain?

For now everything works only on ethereum chain, but future development will give new opportunities.

Will there be a public sale for $EBOX?

Yes, date to be announced.

When will the public sales take place?

Public sales are scheduled to take place in Q1 2021. Exact dates yet to be announced.

Is the form for the private sales still open?

Due to the overwhelming response we received the form…

The blockchain technology that gave birth to all of cryptocurrency is built with cryptography in such a way that it becomes practically impossible to break. However, on a more basic, day-to-day level, transactions can easily go (very) wrong as a result of simple human error. The Ethereum ecosystem alone saw at least 12,600 ETH (currently valued at over US $21 million) lost by 2018 as users sent ETH to wrong or nonexistent addresses. Given the irreversibility of blockchain transactions, losing funds to incorrect addresses is one of the main problems that blockchain transactions have to face — but not anymore.

How ethbox Works

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